Within Winter Short Ski Film: Skiing at It’s Finest

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Nicky Keefer (skier), Jonah Williams (skier), and Jacob Callaghan (film maker) joined forces with Atomic Skis to make a film that captured a piece of the soul of skiing.

“There’s a quiet rythym of leaves as they make their descent…” the narration begins. The music seeps in as the opening credits disappear, and the characters welcome us into their world.

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A far away peak waiting to be explored

In this world, we find endless, bottomless blankets of powder. Perfectly sculpted jumps and sunsets deep in the backcountry.
The editing flows like a dream, and the harmony of the narration, music and images create a profound feeling of whimsical purpose.

This short film will connect with something deep within you, whether you are a full time skier, or have never seen snow in your life.


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