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Remedi Organics was born in the burgeoning world of Denver, Colorado, amongst three friends with a dream of helping people heal. We search for a vision of truth and love, and know that there are infinite ways to live one’s life. No one thing is better than the other, but we strive to treat the world with respect and leave it better than we received it. There has been terrible tragedy caused by hate, greed, anger, resentment, and all things that the evils of the world make one feel.

We recognize the need to move on. As Tupac said, forgive but don’t forget. We are humans, and our minds work in mysterious ways. One thing is for certain, however. The more we aim to overcome our pain and heal, the better off we will be.

Living in the world these days is a steady game of trial and joy, pain and Remedi. We fluctuate through different moods and stages of our lives, like an equalizer of highs and lows. We find comfort from pain in our daily activities, that bring us beyond ourselves and into a world of infinite potential. Our belief is that every action you do builds who you are, and that there is a connection between the mental and physical bodies. The better you feel physically, the better you feel mentally.


The New Cream

Exercise is a gift that we express in countless ways, from zipping through trees down mountains to finessing our jump shot. Psychology studies have [proven] shown that exercise is a better form of therapy than prescription drugs and many forms of counseling. As Prince EA said, we are like airplanes. We thrive when flying in the sky, not sitting on the ground.

Our cream comes from the ancient, aboriginal healing practices of Slovakia. These plants were said to have been revealed by the Gods. Our current main active ingredients are menthol, camphora and methyl salycitate. They combine with other natural essential oils to synthesize into the most powerful pain relief cream we know of.

The more we adventure, play and explore the world and our own abilities, the stronger we get. A quintessential piece of strength is recovery. We are here to aid that healing, and get you back to doing what you love most!

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