Logic Delivers Incredible VMA Performance for Suicide Awareness

logic vma performance suicide prevention awareness

Celebrities, pop culture, and awards are a few of the focal points of the MTV Video Music Awards. It is a celebration of one of our greatest forms of expression, music. 

The VMA’s

Amidst the glamour and ostentacious decor of the famous, a humble man (who happens to be Def Jam rapper Logic) decided to use his 15 seconds to shed light on a mysterious, tragic and ubiquitous phenomenoa that pervades our society.


Inevitably, we are all affected by suicide. My mom’s roommate in college, and one of my friends from high school. Not people I knew as a best friend, but Billy was a great guy. I miss him and the goals we never accomplished together. He was a mathematical genius and a genuine person, but this affliction spares no mortal.

I may never know why he decided it had to be the end, or if he really meant to do it. Through our societal system, we are fed short-term, attention grabbing ideas, and as the state of the climate reveals, humans have a tendency to forget about the future. We don’t always think about or even understand the consequences of our actions.

The Leader

But some do. Logic didn’t do this performance by mistake. He knew what the potential repercussions and consequences would be. After his performance (with the suicide hotline projected on the monitors and an eclectic group of suicide survivors joining him on stage), calls to the suicide prevention hotline spiked by 50%.

Watch the stunning performance below, and if you are or you know anyone who is in a troubled state, please… help. We are eachother’s ultimate lifeline.


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