New Snowboard Movie “GLUE” Redefines The Art of Filming Snowboarding

glue christian haller snowboarding art

Here at the Remedial, we value authenticity, ingenuity, innovation, and doing things differently. A few weeks ago, while at a friend’s house daydreaming about the coming winter, said friend showed me a snowboard video called Glue, made by professional snowboarder Christain Haller.

Snowboarding, like the world, is a constantly evolving organism, controlled by and controlling the participants. In a nutshell, it grew up in the ’80s, and was started by people who wanted to surf down snow sideways. They created it with planks of wood and ropes, and it’s become a lifestyle that thousands of people have devoted their heart and soul to.

With the publicity of the Olympics and lack of money in the general industry, competitions and trick progression have become some of the leading forces of activity in the industry. This leads to corporate sponsors, expanded viewership, a sacrifice for the soul but a win for the pockets and livelihoods of the people in the industry (hopefully). On the snow, it creates a world of infinite trickery, where the goal of the top-paid snowboarders is to do the next biggest trick, so they can continue to be the top-paid athletes.

Progression is subjective. A white supremacist thinks progression is a world very different than the world I am working towards. To ESPN, progression is doing the most flips possible, where to me, progression is sometimes being as creative as possible. Who can hit a jump from the side, spin counter to their trajectory, do an interesting grab, and land in an inconspicuous transition.

THIS movie is what I see as progressive. There are next level tricks and double corks, but most importantly, there is a different perspective. There is something new, BEYOND a new trick. This is a look at snowboarding from the Gods. This is ART. Painting with a snowboard, like the Japanese. Film and all forms of art aim at one core intention, to share a feeling. Picasso, with his famous Guernica painting, wanted people to understand, as well as they could, what he felt during that time. It is depicted with long faces, a melancholic mixture of blues, and brutal scenes of destruction.

With Glue, Christian Haller, Kris Ludi and Stephan Maurer capture the essence of snowboarding. The abstract, ephemeral sensation of floating through pristine fields of heavenly, frozen, weightless flakes. So kick back, relax, drift away for the next 15 minutes… and begin to plot your moves for the forthcoming winter.

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