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Creativity… more than that, it is the result of acting on one’s creativity. Art is eternally connected to intrinsic expression. It is one of the most powerful forces we know of.

Within Winter Short Ski Film: Skiing at It’s Finest

skiing backcountry powder tricks nature

Nicky Keefer (skier), Jonah Williams (skier), and Jacob Callaghan (film maker) joined forces with Atomic Skis to make a film that captured a piece of the soul of skiing. “There’s a quiet rythym of leaves as they make their descent…” the narration begins. The music seeps in as the opening credits disappear, and the characters […]

New Snowboard Movie “GLUE” Redefines The Art of Filming Snowboarding

glue christian haller snowboarding art

Here at the Remedial, we value authenticity, ingenuity, innovation, and doing things differently. A few weeks ago, while at a friend’s house daydreaming about the coming winter, said friend showed me a snowboard video called Glue, made by professional snowboarder Christain Haller. Snowboarding, like the world, is a constantly evolving organism, controlled by and controlling […]