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Within Winter Short Ski Film: Skiing at It’s Finest

skiing backcountry powder tricks nature

Nicky Keefer (skier), Jonah Williams (skier), and Jacob Callaghan (film maker) joined forces with Atomic Skis to make a film that captured a piece of the soul of skiing. “There’s a quiet rythym of leaves as they make their descent…” the narration begins. The music seeps in as the opening credits disappear, and the characters […]

Remedi Welcome Video

  A company with a vision for a brighter future Inception Remedi Organics was born in the burgeoning world of Denver, Colorado, amongst three friends with a dream of helping people heal. We search for a vision of truth and love, and know that there are infinite ways to live one’s life. No one thing […]

New Snowboard Movie “GLUE” Redefines The Art of Filming Snowboarding

glue christian haller snowboarding art

Here at the Remedial, we value authenticity, ingenuity, innovation, and doing things differently. A few weeks ago, while at a friend’s house daydreaming about the coming winter, said friend showed me a snowboard video called Glue, made by professional snowboarder Christain Haller. Snowboarding, like the world, is a constantly evolving organism, controlled by and controlling […]

Logic Delivers Incredible VMA Performance for Suicide Awareness

logic vma performance suicide prevention awareness

Celebrities, pop culture, and awards are a few of the focal points of the MTV Video Music Awards. It is a celebration of one of our greatest forms of expression, music.  The VMA’s Amidst the glamour and ostentacious decor of the famous, a humble man (who happens to be Def Jam rapper Logic) decided to […]