Goodbye Summer Playlist

A collection of the dopest music released recently.

Music is one of the most powerful influencers we know of. Nothing perturbs and absorbs the soul more than a beautiful melody.

This edition spans from tracks released a few days ago to a few released at the beginning of the year. We search beyond the mainstream and look for the gold beneath the surface.

Pro Era members Kirk Knight and Nyck Caution’s group Nyck at Knight kick off the playlist with their debut album. We flow through some choppy, J-Dilla esque Knxledge beats from his new project HEX.10.8, then hear vibey tunes from Ryan Hemsworth, Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, Mick Jenkins, Spillage Village, Quentin Miller, Spectre, SWuM, and M.O.A.

So kick back, and get in the zone with this odyssey of contemporary musical genius.

Link more tracks in the comments, what else are you listenin to?

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