Pain Remedi

A highly powerful topical pain relief cream that uses a specific combination of natural herbs, which help reduce inflammation and pains caused by temporary and chronic pains. Feel the enhanced affects of pain remedi, and get naturally targeted relief in minutes!

Comfort  Cream

Comfort Cream’s natural based formula doesn’t harm your body’s natural cycle, and offers fast and targeted menstrual cramp relief. Crush cramps, and get back to your life!


Tyler || Big Sur, California

“I met Remedi Organics co-founder Jacob Kristl backpacking down the west coast, USA. In my time travelling, I’ve developed multiple joint pains that I always tried to ignore. When Jacob offered to let me try some of his Pain Remedi cream, I was feeling better within two minutes. Both numbing and activating, the cream works quickly to relax my muscle tension, and I have no qualms about using it on my skin as the ingredients are all quite safe. I’m quite content to have found it”

Big Sur Pain Remedy


Hunter || Jackson Hole, WY

“I’m someone who doesn’t like to slow down. I like to do active things everyday. Without Pain Remedi, I don’t know what I would do”


Julianna || Seattle, WA

“My friend turned me on to Comfort Cream a couple months ago. I never thought a natural cream could give me such effective cramp relief. Who knew a natural cream could do so much for my cramps!” 


Irene Westbrook || SLC, Utah

“I nearly lost the most important thing in my life last year, dancing. My muscles couldn’t take it anymore. I found Pain Remedi and have never felt better”