I taught martial arts for 22 years and ran 3 Big Sur marathons. Pain altering medications have never been an option for me. I applied Pain Remedi immediatly after discovering it and it’s the first time I have had pain relief in over 3 years

Nan / Bone Cancer Surivor

I used Pain Remedi after I fell from 50 ft up on a climbing wall into a pool. I could barely move my head, but as soon as I started using Pain Remedi I felt like I had relief with the soothing cooling sensation it provided. After just 2 days I was able to start climbing and training again. From now on I am going to keep a tube in my bag 🙂

Emily Harrington / Pro Climber

I used this cream when I strained my quad just days before a 34k trail race. I applied the cream the night before and the morning of the race, massaging it in to the muscle. My quad didn’t bother me at all! I am a physical therapist and have since used this product on all of my patients. Amazing product, plus it smells great!

Melissa Gunner / Physical Therapist
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